University of Washington Plasma Sciences

Please visit the web pages of our plasma physics research programs:

The Plasma Science and Innovation Center (PSI-Center) provides theoretical and numerical support for Innovative Confinement Concepts.

2015 PSI Center Annual Meeting presentations

Computational Fluid and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory develops novel computational algorithms that simulate plasma dynamics.

The Helicity Injected Torus (HIT) Program investigates the use of helicity injection for current drive in tokamaks and spheromaks.

The ZaP Flow Z-pinch Experiment investigates a long-lived Z-pinch concept that uses sheared axial flows to provide stability against MHD modes.

The Redmond Plasma Physics Laboratory investigates field reversed configuration (FRC) plasma confinement utilizing rotating magnetic fields.

CHI on the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory investigates coaxial helicity injection on NSTX.

Current Schedule of A&A 559 Plasma Seminars (Fall 2011):